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October 13, 2023

How to Disable Direct Messages on Discord From Strangers

Being a part of a large discord server community can become overwhelming when non-friends constantly send you private messages. While there isn’t a way to disable Discord messages completely, there are ways that you can heavily restrict who can message you. This article will discuss how to disable direct messages on discord from strangers and only allow friends to message you.

While Discord is a great platform to hang out with your friends, it can also become spammy and toxic when other members keep messaging you without warning. This is why it is important to know how to block a user on discord. This will prevent them from sending you any additional DMs, and existing notifications won’t disappear until they’re marked as read or unread.

It is important to note that Discord reserves the right to access and disclose user information, including DMs, in certain exceptional cases, such as when legally obligated to do so or when there are reports of violations of the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. In these cases, the messages may be reviewed by Discord staff and may include a transcript of the entire conversation.

To disable DMs on discord from servers you don’t belong to, go to your settings (gear icon) and select Privacy & Safety in the sidebar. Click on the “Server Privacy Defaults” section and turn off the toggle button for “Allow direct messages from server members.” This will disable new servers from being able to message you, but you can manually enable it on a per-server basis at your own discretion.