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October 26, 2023

How to Delete Your YouTube Channel

how to delete youtube channel

Sometimes it makes sense to delete your YouTube channel if you're struggling with its platform or simply need a break from social media. But remember, once deleted it cannot be undone; additionally it will cancel any paid subscriptions you had.

Instead of deleting it entirely, you could also choose to hide your channel; however, all comments and replies will be lost.

Removing a video

Have you outgrown your YouTube channel or are ready to close it down? This article can assist with that process by outlining how to delete videos, channels and playlists on both PC and mobile phone versions of YouTube. Keep in mind that closing it may also delete your Google account completely.

When you're ready to delete your YouTube video, select it from your profile and click on the three vertically-align dots. A pop-up window will then ask if you wish to permanently delete this video; additionally it will warn that none of its videos, likes, dislikes and comments will be restored afterwards; for added peace of mind before proceeding you can also download a copy of all data before proceeding with deletion.

Hide videos rather than permanently delete them to reduce their exposure in search results and recommendations while still appearing on your public page - however it's important to carefully consider this decision before making your choice.

Removing a playlist

YouTube playlists can be an easy and effective way to showcase and keep track of videos you love, or keep a record of those that you have watched. But if a playlist no longer fits with your viewing habits, you can delete it quickly from both desktop and mobile platforms.

If you use a browser to access YouTube, click on the profile icon in the upper-right-hand corner to bring up a menu of account management options and look for "Permanently Delete" and select it to complete this step.

If you are using a mobile app, to delete a playlist simply click the profile icon at the top of your screen and navigate to Playlists. Each playlist features three-dot options menu. Simply select which playlist is to be deleted by selecting its three-dot options menu before hitting Delete playlist button - confirmation may be necessary in a popup window.

Removing a channel

As your YouTube presence expands or your brand needs change, there may come a point in time where closing it may become necessary. Since this decision cannot be undone, it's wise to carefully consider all its repercussions before taking such a significant step - but closing could also provide an opportunity to revitalize content creation and start fresh.

Your YouTube channel can be deleted by visiting your account settings and selecting "View advanced settings", followed by "Delete channel." This will delete it completely from Google services as well as erase all videos, playlists, messages and replies associated with it.

Rather than delete your channel altogether, consider temporarily hiding it instead. This will protect all of the videos, playlists and other content while making it private - as well as being ideal if you plan on taking an extended hiatus from YouTube - since you can reactivate your channel later.

Removing a YouTube account

No matter why you want to leave YouTube or social media altogether, the process for closing an account is relatively easy and straightforward. Once done, however, all videos, comments, playlists, watch history data will be permanently erased along with any paid subscriptions such as YouTube Premium or TV that may exist at that point.

To delete your account, navigate to the Settings and click "View or Change Your Google Account Settings." From there, scroll down to Download or Delete Your Data section and select option to Delete Service before entering your password to verify ownership of account.

If your account has been deleted by mistake, contact YouTube immediately and request its reactivation. There are also forms available for disbursing earnings or data associated with it; and YouTube will respond swiftly. Alternatively, for those concerned about privacy they can choose to temporarily hide it instead of completely deleting their account.