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October 26, 2023

How to Delete Wallpaper on iPhone

how to delete wallpaper on iphone

Wallpapers can be an effective way of customizing your phone and expressing yourself. But from time to time you may need or want to switch it out.

Removing wallpapers on iPhone is a quick and painless process; just follow these steps!

1. Go to “Settings”

An iPhone wallpaper update is an effortless and quick way to instantly enhance the experience on your device. From soothing landscapes and cityscapes, to your favorite team's logo and more, adding something different adds personality and enhances user interaction.

Third-party apps also allow you to modify your wallpaper, offering greater choice and additional customisation features. But be mindful that any changes made via third-party apps won't apply directly to both the home screen and lock screen wallpapers on your iPhone.

To delete a wallpaper on your iPhone, first long-press the Dynamic Island (the bit at the bottom with your selfie camera), drag your wallpaper upwards until a red trash can icon appears, then tap on this to delete. This will also delete any widgets associated with that wallpaper as well as reset font size, color and clock font settings for your clock; but will not delete from Photos or iCloud folders.

2. Tap on “Wallpaper”

Since iOS 16's release, iPhone users have had the ability to personalize both their lock screen and home screen with customized wallpapers. If you have created multiple wallpapers and wish to delete one or more, however, the process isn't as seamless as in earlier versions of the operating system.

To delete a wallpaper, first unlock your device using Face ID or Touch ID and swipe up on the lock screen until you locate the wallpaper that you wish to delete. When found, tap on its red trash can icon below it before tapping "Yes, delete this wallpaper" when prompted.

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3. Select the wallpaper you want to delete

Utilizing custom wallpaper on an iPhone is a fantastic way to personalize the device and show your individuality. From stunning landscapes and breathtaking photos to motivational quotes and motivational slogans, wallpaper can add an element of personalization that enhances its use. However, there may come a time when you wish to remove one or more wallpapers - this process should be quick and painless; clearing space on your device and offering more options than before.

To select and delete wallpaper, swipe from the notch or Dynamic Island downwards until a red trash can icon appears; tap this icon to delete your wallpaper.

Once a wallpaper has been deleted, it will no longer appear in your lock screen or home screen settings. Although its photo will still exist on your device, it won't be available as wallpaper anymore. If you wish to restore it later on, however, simply restore your iPhone from a backup.

4. Tap on “Delete”

If you have an iPhone with iOS 16 or later, deleting a wallpaper is simple and fast - all it requires is knowing the steps to take.

To delete wallpaper from your iPhone, long-press on the lock screen and swipe up on the wallpaper you wish to remove - this will reveal a red trash icon which can be tapped on to permanently delete it from your device.

Displaying different wallpapers can help express your personality and style on your iPhone, but it's essential to regularly declutter it to keep it running smoothly and free up space for new wallpapers! With these easy steps, you can delete old ones that no longer serve a purpose - freeing up space for future ones! Plus get one daily tip (with screenshots and clear instructions) every day that will help you master it in just one minute every day!