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October 26, 2023

How to Cut a Mullet

how to cut a mullet

Business in front, party in back - this timeless look never goes out of fashion! Straight or curly locks alike will find great style with this updated mullet enhancing their appearance with minimal effort and maintenance required.

To achieve a modern mullet cut, start by consulting your barber for a low fade on both sides and growing out your back hair to desired length. When ready, mist your style with holding spray.

Start with a Long Length

To create the classic mullet look, start with length in your hair. Your locks should cover both the back of your head and ears before being cut shorter around the sides and front for a more rounded effect. This style works for men with straight, wavy or curly locks alike!

If your mullet is too long, asking your barber for a taper fade may help shorten its length gradually. Or for added contrast you could ask for a choppy fade which fades gradually from longer length to shorter.

Feathered Mullets: Another Option (For Wavy or Curly Hair) This look can give your classic mullet an easier, less constructed feel, making it the ideal style to rock in both curly and wavy locks. Furthermore, using products such as Uppercut Deluxe Clay to achieve soft peaks that stay in place all day can also add dimension.

Go to the Barber

The mullet can range from extreme to subtle; you decide how far it goes! Balance is key; ask your barber for a certain length in the back before using that as your guide to decide how short or long you want the sides and top to be.

Good barbers will likely be familiar with how to achieve this cut; however, it would still be wise to bring in photos as reference material just in case something unexpected comes up.

Mullets pair beautifully with various hairstyles, so it's wise to consider your styling options beforehand. Slick it back or wear a modern quiff; or add hard parting for something entirely new! Whatever option you decide upon, be sure to keep using Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray and Styling Balm on an ongoing basis in order to maintain it and your new mullet! This combo set provides everything needed for perfect upkeep!

Ask for a Taper

Men looking to take their mullet trend a step further should request a taper fade from their barbers. This style combines short front mullet elements with longer back and sides, creating visual interest while making you appear older than before. Although challenging at first, with time and frequent trips to your barbershop visits you can easily achieve this grown-out yet clean haircut look.

A high taper mullet adds height and dimension to a classic mullet by elevating your hairline. In contrast to low fades which take away less of your locks, a high taper creates a clear distinction between longer top and shorter sides, perfect for men with round faces as it adds structure to soft shapes of their face. Styling this haircut requires just applying lightweight pomade and using fingers to lift and define specific strands of hair - styling couldn't be simpler!

Finish with a Shag

the mullet is an effective way to add texture and volume to any hair type. From Joan Jett-inspired looks to more subdued looks, the mullet adds texture and volume that is sure to please. Perfect for curly or wavy locks and fringed faces alike; for longer locks it enhances natural texture with its disheveled appearance; ideal when rolling out of bed!

To achieve the ideal mullet cut, it's crucial that your stylist "feel out your hair" prior to cutting. This means establishing how long or short you would like the back length to be; this in turn determines how short or long the sides and top should be cut. Once done, double check your cut by combing through it all evenly; if necessary ask your stylist to take off more from top; this will ensure a balanced mullet.