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October 13, 2023

How to Create a Discord Multiple Person Call

A discord multiple person call is a voice or video chat where more than one person is on the call. These calls can be started from either a DM or a server, and they work differently on both the desktop app and mobile.

To create a group dm for a video call, click the person + icon in the top right of the desktop app (or the three dots on mobile) and select “Create Group DM”. Enter the names of the users you want to add and then either select them from your friend list or type their Discord tag into the text field. A link will be generated that you can then share via any other Discord text chat or message. The invite will usually expire after 24 hours unless you change the setting in your User Settings.

When you’re on a video call, two icons in the bottom-right corner let you switch to fullscreen view or pop the call out into a separate window that will stay on top of any other windows you have open. This is a great option for chats with multiple people in different time zones or for long calls where you don’t want to have the call interrupted by other notifications or ringtones.

If you want to leave a call, simply tap the screen or use the menu button. You can also mute your microphone in the call options menu or toggle your audio output to headphones or speakers.