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October 13, 2023

How to Create 3D Tables in Excel Using the Camera Tool

3D tables are a great way to display data in a three-dimensional manner. These tables can be used to represent data from several different spreadsheets at once. This article will show you how to create a 3D table in excel using the camera tool.

Excel has a feature that allows you to use a single formula to calculate cells in multiple worksheets. This is called a 3-D reference or cubed formula. Using this feature can make your work easier by allowing you to sum the same information from many sheets with a single formula.

To create a 3-D reference, first select the sheet or range of sheets that you want to include in your calculation. Then, enter a formula that references both the start and end of the range. For example, if you want to sum all the utility amounts for each month of the year, the formula would be =sum(Jan:Dec!B2:B5).

If you need to add or remove a sheet from your 3-D calculation, be sure to stay within the original matrix range. If you do not, your calculation may not be accurate. For instance, if you add a new sheet between Jan and Apr, the YTD totals will change from =sum(B6:B14) to =sum(Jan:Apr!B2:B15).

To simplify your 3-D formulas, you can also use named ranges. For more information about this, visit our 3D Named Ranges page. Also, if you want to lock your 3-D reference so that it can't be changed, you can do this by creating a defined name for it.