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May 16, 2024

How to Copy Libby to Another Device

If you use libby on more than one device, here’s how to easily copy your account to another. This includes your wish list, loans, holds, tags, reading progress and bookmarks. To get started, select the device where you want to sync libby. Then, open the libby app on your other device and enter the code you generated from the first device to create a copy of your account on that device. Note: When syncing, your tags on the devices you reset will disappear, so you may want to export them from those devices before proceeding. Also, if you are using a library card from a different location than the Saint Paul Public Library, you will need to add that card to libby.

To access the settings menu, tap the Menu icon (three horizontal lines). You can change your password, change your reading speed or choose your language.

Once you are ready to start reading, touch the search bar to begin searching the Peninsula Library Libby collection. Enter a keyword, title or author to find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve found something, touch the cover to check it out. If an item is available, you can borrow it instantly or place a hold to get it when it becomes available.

You can also change the default reading device or set a preference to read items in a particular format. For example, you can set a preference to read in Kindle or in the Libby app. You can also manage your loans and holds, change download rules, rename your card and view the status of your checkouts through the My Books tab.