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May 19, 2024

How to Cheat an Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition interlock devices are used to prevent drunk driving and keep the road safe. They are a requirement for some DUI offenders, and some drivers are looking for ways to cheat them. However, many of these methods do not work, and trying to tamper with or hack the device can lead to further punishment and even loss of your license.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of having to use an ignition interlock device, you’ve probably seen some tips online that claim to help you beat the machine. But should you try these hacks? In most cases, these tips don’t work and can actually cause more problems than you expect. Some of the most common ways people attempt to cheat an ignition interlock device include having a sober person blow into the machine for them, using compressed air, and masking alcohol with mouthwash.

In most cases, the best way to avoid having an ignition interlock device is not to drink before driving. The ignition interlock system is designed to detect alcohol on your breath and prevent you from starting the car if it’s above a certain limit. It’s important to remember that drinking even a small amount of alcohol can trigger the test and make it fail. There’s no excuse for getting behind the wheel while impaired, so you should always plan ahead and never drink before driving.

While some people may try to trick their ignition interlock device by having a sober friend take the breathalyzer test for them, this is a dangerous and illegal attempt to circumvent the system. Many interlock devices, including the popular Intoxalock system, use a unique breath pattern and temperature and pressure sensors that can’t be fooled with this type of hack. In addition, most interlock devices have a camera that takes photographs of your face and mouth every time you blow into the device. So, if you are using a sober person to blow into the device, the camera will capture this and report it as tampering to your monitoring authority, leading to further penalties and fines.

Some people also try to trick the device by blowing into it with their mouths closed. While this might work in some older interlock systems, modern technology uses a unique algorithm that can tell whether or not your mouth is closed when you are taking the breath sample. In addition, most interlock devices have rolling retests that check your breath multiple times while you’re driving. If you don’t pass the rolling retest, the machine will activate the horn and flashing lights, making it impossible to continue to drive.

Many people also try to bypass the ignition interlock by tampering with it or disconnecting it. In most cases, this will result in the device being reported to your monitoring authority and you could be facing additional DUI charges and even a loss of your license. This is because tampering with the device can damage it, and can cause it to malfunction or rat you out.