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May 18, 2024

How to Change the Name of a Roku Device

roku devices are popular among cord-cutters due to their various entertainment options and user-friendly features. One of the most important customization options is to give your Roku TV a distinct name. This allows you to easily recognize it when controlling it with your Roku remote or switching between devices in your account. Moreover, it makes the device easier to find in your home network.

If you have multiple Roku devices with the same generic name, it may become difficult to tell them apart when navigating through your Roku account or Roku mobile app. The remedy is to rename them to something friendlier and more recognizable, which is easy enough to do from the Roku website or your Roku mobile app.

To change the name of a roku device, launch your Roku app on your Android or iOS device and sign in to your Roku account if you aren't already signed in. Then, tap the icon that looks like a pencil to the left of a device name to edit it. Click "Update" to finish.

Note that the Roku mobile app does not work with all Roku TVs or streaming sticks. If yours does not respond to the Roku mobile app, try using a third-party remote control app such as the BoostVision Roku Remote app, which has wide compatibility with Roku TVs and boxes. It also offers advanced features such as screen mirroring and media casting.