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October 26, 2023

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

how to cancel linkedin premium

LinkedIn Premium comes at a cost, and some users may decide to cancel it due to temporary needs or dissatisfaction with service provision or due to non-use. Reasons may include discontent with service or inactivity in using LinkedIn regularly.

Before making this decision, it's essential that you know how to cancel LinkedIn Premium effectively and this article outlines both methods - using either the LinkedIn app or browser on your computer.

1. Log in to your account

LinkedIn Premium gives users access to exclusive content and more, making networking easier than ever before. But some users find the benefits don't outweigh the costs and seek to end their subscription.

To cancel your LinkedIn premium account, follow these steps: To open your "Me" icon at the top of LinkedIn homepage and access "Premium subscription settings." Select "Cancel subscription," and follow on-screen prompts until completing them successfully. If eligible for a refund, LinkedIn will process it automatically.

LinkedIn premium subscriptions cannot be cancelled directly through iPhone and Android applications; they must instead be cancelled through either a web browser, iTunes (if purchased from there) or Emma, an easy and free way of managing finances and tracking money in one convenient place. Discover Emma today to start tracking all your finances effortlessly!

2. Go to the Subscriptions page

If your LinkedIn account has become less frequently used, now may be an excellent time to cancel its subscription. This can be accomplished on the subscriptions page in LinkedIn Settings - once logged in click your profile picture or initial at the top right and access "Premium Subscription Settings."

Access the Subscriptions Page via LinkedIn App

Before your LinkedIn Premium subscription lapses, it's crucial to cancel it in order to avoid being charged the next billing cycle and have an opportunity to download your data before canceling. If unsure whether LinkedIn Premium is worthwhile for your needs, take some time to assess your goals and evaluate if LinkedIn Premium fits within them.

3. Select the subscription you want to cancel

LinkedIn provides various subscription tiers designed to connect professionals with colleagues and potential employers, such as LinkedIn Premium which includes additional features and benefits.

Prevent getting charged, protect your profile, connections and data and avoid being charged again by canceling LinkedIn Premium before your next billing cycle starts by cancelling before it begins. This way you won't get charged.

To cancel a LinkedIn Premium subscription, log into your account and visit the Subscriptions page. Select your subscription you would like to cancel and click "Cancel Subscription," after which it will redirect you back to its details page where there will be a button labelled "Cancel Subscription" located at the bottom.

Notable points about LinkedIn Premium subscription cancellation on an iPhone purchased through iTunes include that you cannot do this via the app itself; rather, this should be done via web browser or desktop computer and may require providing an explanation as to why the cancellation occurred.

4. Click “Cancel Subscription”

LinkedIn is one of the world's premier professional networking social networks, boasting numerous features to connect you with potential employers and colleagues. Many choose LinkedIn Premium - their paid subscription tier - in order to access additional features and benefits; if however you decide no longer want the service you can cancel it by selecting "Cancel Subscription" in the subscriptions page.

Once you select a reason and provided feedback about your experience, you will be asked if you would like to confirm cancellation of the subscription. Once done so, cancellation can be confirmed.

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