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October 26, 2023

How to Breed Shugabush in My Singing Monsters

how to breed shugabush

Shugabush is a Legendary Monster known for playing its signature mandolin part in Plant Island and Gold Island songs. While you can use Bowgart and Clamble to breed it, their success rates tend to be low; you may increase them using Wishing Torches instead.

Breeding the Shugabush requires an upgraded Breeding Structure, three monsters with complementary elements and patience. This guide can assist in your efforts of creating this musical maestro.

Breeding Structures

Quibble + Bowgart are the most frequently chosen breeding combinations, although other combinations have proven successful for some players. Experiment with different pairings until you find one that works for you!

Make sure that your breeding structures are upgraded, to increase your chance of stumbling upon rare monsters like Shugabush. While this process may take several attempts, remain patient and check in regularly on progress with your breeding structures to assess progress.

Diamonds may help accelerate the breeding process, but aren't necessary. With patience and the appropriate strategy in place, a Shugabush should soon be singing on your island! Wish you best of luck!


Breeding monsters in My Singing Monsters requires strategy and patience. Your choice of breeding Monsters and their levels will ultimately dictate its success; using an upgraded breeding structure also helps increase success rates.

For maximum success in breeding shugabushs, choose two monsters with high breeding success rates and place them within a breeding structure. Once breeding has taken place successfully, an egg from Bowgart should arrive in your Nursery to be nurtured until maturity has set in - adding its musical contributions to your monster orchestra in no time at all! Though this process takes some time and patience is needed for its completion - don't give up just yet!


Shugabush is a legendary Monster that can be bred on Plant Island. This creature produces various sounds when contributing to an Island's song by playing metal cymbals on what looks like a tam-tam; these may sound similar to ride cymbals, marching cymbals, splash cymbals or crash cymbals depending on which Island it inhabits.

For breeding a Shugabush, two Monsters that share both Plant and Earth elements must be chosen from the Breeding Structure and selected to initiate breeding process. It can take four hours; however, you can use enhanced Incubation to decrease this time drastically - though this option will increase chances of creating one!


Breeding Shugabush in My Singing Monsters requires the combination of three elements. These components include two plant-type monsters and one air-type monster; these must all be fully grown before breeding can commence and must all possess unique traits.

Note that both monsters must be at level four or above for breeding to succeed, with an upgraded Breeding Structure increasing your chances of spawning one of these rare monsters. It may take multiple attempts before success is reached! Once bred, Shugabush will appear in your Nursery producing deep bass notes which complement an island's musical ensemble perfectly!


Shugabush Monster boasts the highest earning rate in the game and can be obtained through breeding Bowgart + Clamble or Quarrister + Wubbox together. However, breeding these rare monsters may prove challenging; Wishing Torches can help increase chances of breeding success and facilitate faster success rates when breeding shugabushs.

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Shugabush is an unusual creature, combining elements from Fwog with those found on Furcorn: its body, horns, eyes and tail. Breeding Bowgart and Chamble on Plant Island will increase chances of successful reproduction; Wishing Torches can increase these odds even further.

After breeding Drumpler and Fwog on Shugabush Island, an egg will hatch out to become Shugabush - one of My Singing Monster's rare monsters that contributes to Plant Island and Gold Island songs by playing its mandolin and vocalizing "yeah, yeah" whenever it feels like it!