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February 7, 2023

How to Breed Schmoochle in My Singing Monsters

how to breed schmoochle

Among the most interesting games in My Singing Monsters is the one where you can breed different beasts. It's a flawlessly bizarre game that encourages you to raise different monsters on various islands, so that you can make music using their unique performing voices and traits.

Schmoochle is a two-headed Seasonal Monster that can be bred in My Singing Monsters only during certain times of the year. It is found on Air Island and is available during the Season of Love holiday.

The breeding process for Schmoochle is similar to other monsters, but it does require some patience and planning. This is especially true when trying to breed a Rare Schmoochle, as these monsters are only available during short time periods that are announced in the game.

There are many ways to breed a Schmoochle in My Singing Monsters, but the best way is to combine it with another monster. This means that you should try to combine it with either Tweedle or Riff, and if possible, you should also try to combine it with Gobbleygourd, Clavavera, Jam Boree, or Clarillong.

Once you have a Schmoochle, you can teleport it to the Seasonal Shanty, an island that teleports all of the seasonal monsters in My Singing Monsters. This can be done when it is at level 15, which is the minimum needed to teleport the monster to the Seasonal Shanty.

Unlike most other monsters, Schmoochle has a low income per minute and can only earn up to a maximum amount of coins if it is fed four times. Its earning rate depends on its Happiness % (Likes increase happiness), its level, and its number of likes.

You can find out more about the earning rate of each Monster in the Feeding article. It is important to note that all of these monsters have a maximum number of levels, and this will determine how many times you need to feed them before they reach the next level.

This is because the higher your monster's level, the more coins it can earn each minute. There are several factors that influence the amount of coins earned, including the number of likes and how much money is in your collection.

The best time to breed a Schmoochle is during the Season of Love or Season Shanty, as both events occur around Valentine's Day. Once you have a Schmoochle, it's a good idea to feed it until it is at level 15, so that you can teleport it to the Seasonal Island where all of the seasonal monsters are located.

Aside from the breeding process, you can also get Schmoochle by playing the game's weekly Scratch Tickets on Air Island. This will allow you to obtain it at a discounted price when it's not available on other islands.

Once a Schmoochle has been bred, it can be sold in the Monster Marketplace for a small profit, or you can keep it to feed it to other beasts. You can also use your coins to purchase a lot of other items in the game's Monster Store.