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September 12, 2023

How to Breed a Yawstrich in Monster Hunter: World of Warcraft

The yawstrich is an avian-like monster that inhabits the lofty perches of Air Island. This highly-specialized Monster is best recognized by its shrill call, which announces its presence and communicates with other Monsters.

Yawstrich can be bred with Scups and T-Rox on Air Island, or a Cataliszt and Strombonin on Mythical Island. Both of these pairings require a long incubation period, but they produce the highest amount of coins when breeding. They also have the lowest failure rate per breeding attempt. The game's official wiki provides an extensive database for each Monster, including its elements, likes and dislikes, bio, song lyrics, earning rate, feeding cost, and more.

To get the most out of your yawstrich, feed it until it reaches level 15. At this point, you can teleport it to your Seasonal Shanty on Air Island and breed it with a T-Rox or Scups.

Using a Breeding Bonanza on your yawstrich increases the likelihood of breeding a Rare Yawstrich. This can be purchased with premium diamonds, or earned by participating in the daily challenges and events.

Breeding a yawstrich can be difficult, but with some patience and experimentation, it is possible to obtain this beautiful creature. Keep your breeding cave busy, use breeding boosts, and make sure to try multiple combinations. With the right strategy, your yawstrich will be chirping and singing in no time! Good luck, player!