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May 20, 2022

How Telehealth Will Be Used For Chronic Disease Management?

How Telehealth Will Be Used For Chronic Disease Management?

Throughout the world when we look at the health industry figure we will see that the biggest concern is a chronic disease. Since the COVID when most of the doctors remain busy and there is no way to let in the outdoor patient, chronic disease management has become one of the biggest concerns so far. Most people confuse chronic disease with chronic pain. However, any disease or disorder that stays longer i.e. old age pain, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, heart issues, etc. can be declared as a chronic disease. The easiest benchmark to declare a disease or disorder as chronic is when it surpasses the 3 months limit. In short, any disease that takes longer than 3 months to heal can be declared chronic. According to research, 40% of the world's population faces chronic issues one way or the other. The number is expected to surpass 157 million by 2020 in America only.

According to Harvard health more than half of the adult population has some kind of chronic disease and this ratio is increasing more due to lifestyle and other changes. Within chronic diseases, seven diseases mainly dominate the industry. These diseases include diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, cancer, stroke, lung issues, and mental health issues. Overall in America, more than 1.3 trillion dollars is spent on just the management of these seven basic chronic diseases. This alarming rate of chronic diseases means in the future the expenses of tackling these issues will eventually increase. However, the health industry and tech industry have come forth to deal with this issue. With the help of telehealth services, they can now have better health management without paying heaps of money.

With the help of this article, we will look into some of the main reasons telehealth is prescribed as the best method for disease management. We will further look into how chorionic disease management can be made better with the help of telehealth services.

How Chronic Disease Management Can Improve With Telehealth Services?

The main idea behind using telehealth services is to lower the cost of health by offering a simple and easy solution for repetitive and simple diseases. Since there are seven main chronic diseases and yet most budgets are spent on them, it is only fair to use them for minimizing the cost. Most people think that handling heart issues or cancer is almost impossible with the help of a video chat and rightfully so. However, it is very important to understand that there is a pattern that is followed. You need some for the diagnosis because the diagnosis cannot be done through chat. However, after the diagnosis, remote monitoring of the patent can be done. In short, the patent will feel the same as he will in a hospital. With 24/7 care it will get better for the patient and he will be able to see significant results as well.

Top 4 Benefits of Telehealth Services That Can Be Game-Changer for Chronic Disease Management

Access to Better Care

Equal access to medical facilities is the biggest issue in the world today. This disparity has cost us so many lives over the years. The fact that timely medication and better health facilities are only available for people who can afford it in the 21st century is still one of the biggest concerns. People face discrimination every day based on their racial profile, their financial class, and their location. Most people living in remote areas do not have enough resources to move the patient to the nearest hospitals which can cost them their life. In the case of chronic diseases where you need constant care and without care you might face death, patients like to stay in hospital but this can cost them a lot. Compared to this, telehealth facilities can cost them very little and it is much better and less consuming as well.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

In special cases when the patient has been diagnosed already but needs to stay under special care, it gets very expensive for the patient to stay in the hospital. This is where the remote monitoring facility comes in. you can keep the patent at home while remote monitoring equipment will be monitoring and measuring everything. This will eventually help you to not only extract data according to timestamp but also according to date and month.

Improvement Monitoring

Usually, when the patient gets diagnosed and is under observation the symptoms can either get better or if the issue is progressive it can get worse as well. With the help of a telehealth facility, you can instantly monitor everything. Rather than bringing the potent to the hospital, the data can be extracted at any time.

Keeping Patient with Family

Staying close to a loved one is a much better option in chronic diseases rather than staying at the hospital with the help of telehealth you will be getting better health facilities mixed with house patent care so that the patient doesn’t stay away from his family rather he can stay with them and yet get the best facilities and health attention possible with the help of telehealth services. This is also much better and more cost-effective.

Bottom line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the pros and cons. Most of the health industry critics claim that this will be a life-changing decision for people in the long run especially because they will be saving a lot of money and still get the attention that they need. According to doctors’ usually when the plate does not get into an emergency condition, it takes almost half an hour to 15 minutes for them to get emergency attention. This critical time can be balanced by offering them instant first aid through telehealth. This means that where most people straight up try home medication, they can do the same but with the help of professionals. Another important thing is that with less cost of health, more people will find it accessible. This will also help people save money and the infrastructure regarding technology and medicine will also get better. People will be more likely to invest in tech-based gadgets that can help them monitor their health. Overall, these simple changes will improve the health industry in the long run so they can easily save more people.

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