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September 12, 2023

How Should You Hold a Handgun For Maximum Accuracy?

If you’ve ever been to a shooting range, you’ve probably heard someone say: “Grip it like you’re giving a firm handshake.” While this is good advice for ensuring your grip is firm enough to control recoil, it doesn’t necessarily address the right amount of pressure to apply. The right amount of pressure is critical for maximum accuracy, and can vary depending on the size and weight of your pistol.

To achieve the best possible grip, place the web of your hand snugly against the beavertail of the gun. This placement minimizes muzzle flip and allows you to quickly and accurately follow-up after each shot. Once the gun is in this position, wrap the last three fingers of your dominant hand — pinky, middle, and ring finger — around the base of the grip, directly below the trigger guard. Your thumb should rest high on the grip, pointing forward.

Once you’ve wrapped your fingers around the base of the grip, keep your trigger finger off until you’re ready to shoot. Many shooters mistakenly believe they should keep their index finger on the trigger at all times, but this can cause a jerking motion when you pull the trigger that could reduce your accuracy.

The most important thing to remember when holding a handgun is consistency. Practice holding your gun the same way every time you go to the range so that you develop muscle memory and can fire your weapon without much thought. This will also help you to get comfortable with the feel of your gun, which will aid in your accuracy.