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October 13, 2023

How Much is nabi Big Tab?

The nabi big tab is a tablet designed with collaborative play in mind. It comes in two sizes: a 20-inch version and a 24-inch one. It features a HD (1600x900 pixels) display, quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4 processors and 16GB of on board storage. It also comes with a variety of kid-oriented apps and educational games, as well as parental controls.

Fuhu, the company behind the nabi line of tablets for kids, recently expanded the lineup with a new range of bigger devices, known as the Big Tab line. These are massive Android tablets, with screen sizes ranging up to 24 inches. They are basically TV-sized touchscreens, which can double as a desktop PC or a tabletop tablet.

They come with a wide variety of family-oriented games and apps, as well as a nabi-exclusive app store called App Zone, where parents can choose music, movies, books and apps for their children. They also have a 3.5mm standard audio jack, integrated speakers and a USB port. A nabi Connector / USB OTG adapter is sold separately for those who want to equip this device with external peripherals. A built-in battery offers 30 minutes of backup power.

Parents can monitor and control their children’s use of this device through an app that can also send them notifications when certain apps are used or time limits are exceeded. They can even set up a password-protected Parent Mode, which gives them a more typical Android experience and access to the Google Play store for apps that aren't part of the pre-loaded collection.