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September 12, 2023

How Long Does it Take to Resize a Ring?

If you've purchased a ring that doesn’t fit, it can be frustrating and can cause damage to the ring. Luckily, most jewelers offer resizing services. The timeline for this service can vary depending on the ring’s size, resizing direction (up or down), and the jeweler you choose.

To make a ring larger, the jeweler will need to stretch the ring to increase its circumference. This is a quicker process, but it’s still not recommended for rings with intricate designs or stone settings. For a more substantial resizing, the jeweler will need to cut and add a bridge of metal to the ring before soldering or lasering it back together and polishing it. This can take a long time, especially on complex rings with detailed engravings or intricate design details.

In general, it should only be resized two sizes up or down because anything more could put too much stress on the ring and damage it. It's also important to try on the ring at different times of the day, because a finger’s ring size can change throughout the day due to heat and swelling.

Ideally, you should go to the original jeweler who sold the ring if possible to resize it. This will ensure that the jeweler has the best knowledge of the ring's design and material and can provide the most accurate resizing. However, if this is not possible, find a small local jeweler who may be able to work on the ring faster than a chain jewelry store because they don’t have to ship the ring to and from another facility.