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September 12, 2023

How Long Does a Tire Plug Last?

One of the most frustrating and dangerous things that can happen while driving is a flat tire due to a puncture from a nail or screw. Not only does this rob you of the ability to get from point A to B, but it also makes the car dangerous to drive and puts your safety at risk. In such cases, many drivers seek a quick repair method by using a tire plug to patch the hole and continue driving until they can reach a service center for a more permanent solution.

But how long does a tire plug last? It depends on the quality of the tire plug and how it is installed. If done correctly, a tire plug can last up to seven or even ten years. It is a sticky object that expands when pushed into a damaged tire and adjusts to the size of the puncture in order to seal it.

Besides the installation, the other factors that influence how long a tire plug will last are the type of puncture and driving conditions. A small puncture is easier to seal than a large or irregularly shaped one. Driving on rough roads can also put more stress on a plugged tire, reducing its lifespan.

In such situations, you should consider replacing the tire instead of plugging it. While this is a more expensive option than using a spare tire, it will be much safer and comfortable to drive on. It will also protect your tires from further damage, as it will prevent the recurrence of the puncture.