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October 14, 2023

How Does Plays TV Is Recording Work?

The plays tv is recording file extension is associated with an application on your computer that enables you to record gameplay video clips. It is a free-to-use software for Windows and macOS that allows users to capture the game’s screen while simultaneously recording system audio, allowing them to merge both videos easily. The program also provides multiple editing features to enhance gameplay videos, such as filters, effects, transitions and narration.

Whenever you are watching live TV or a recorded program, the Time Shift Buffer begins to record automatically. This buffer can be used to pause and resume playback up to 60 minutes later. The portion of the buffer that is recorded is highlighted in RED. When the buffer is full, the oldest recording is overwritten.

Use the REC button on the progress bar to start a recording or select a program from the list of recordings. You can also use the REC button on your remote to record programs from external inputs and analog TV. TV programs recorded in the internal memory or USB device cannot be deleted from these devices. Please note that copyright-protected content can be recorded only with the consent of the copyright owner.