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September 12, 2023

How Do You Open a Program When There Are No Icons on the Desktop?

Icons on the desktop are helpful for quick access to system folders, files & settings. They also come in handy when software is newly installed – as Windows will typically create shortcuts to commonly used programs for us allowing us to easily launch them without having to dive deep into menus/folders every time!

If you use the computer often & rely on having icons to quickly access certain programs then if they suddenly disappear from the desktop then that can be very frustrating. Thankfully there are multiple ways in which this issue can be fixed so that you can easily get back to working with your system as normal again. In this article we will be looking at seven of the most reliable & tested methods to solve the problem of missing desktop icons.

The first thing you will want to do is check that your desktop icons are actually showing. If they are not you can fix this fairly quickly by right-clicking on the desktop & then selecting View -> Show desktop icons.

You may also want to try adjusting your display scaling settings. This will help you determine if your icons are hidden due to them being too small or if your screen is inverting them which can cause some issues with icon visibility.

Another option is to pin the program you want to open to the taskbar. If you have a desktop shortcut pinned to the taskbar simply right click on it & select More -> Pin to taskbar. Alternatively you can try searching the program in the start menu if it isn’t already displayed there – this can be done by clicking the start button selecting search & typing in the name of the application.