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October 25, 2023

How Do I Turn Off SOS on My iPhone?

how do i turn off sos on my iphone

Your iPhone displays the "SOS Only" warning when calling regular numbers or using apps requiring data connection; however, emergency services like police, fire, ambulance, coast guard and mountain rescue remain accessible through emergency calls made in an emergency situation.

If SOS Only mode appears where there should be a cell signal, restart your iPhone. You could also enable data roaming or switch on Airplane Mode via Settings or Control Center.

1. Go to Settings

Your iPhone offers you a convenient SOS feature to quickly contact emergency services and emergency contacts in an emergency situation. Simply press Sleep/Wake button, volume buttons or swipe screen to activate it quickly if an incident arises; but beware: while useful in an emergency situation, accidentally pressing these buttons could become disruptive and annoying!

To disable the SOS call feature, navigate to Settings General Emergency SOS Turn Slider Countdown Sound Off/Gray and toggle it off. For iPhone 14 models and later, "Disable Automatic Crash Detection Calling" provides another way of disabling automatic calling of emergency services following a severe collision. This option will also prevent accidental calls being automatically made when it encounters severe crashes.

If your iPhone becomes stuck in SOS mode, force restart it by holding down both Sleep/Wake and volume buttons at once until the Apple logo appears. For even faster results use Tenorshare ReiBoot; its software has proven effective at solving iOS issues without data loss.

2. Turn Off Cellular Data

Emergency SOS on an iPhone is designed to quickly call emergency services in case of an accident or crisis; however, its presence can become annoying if accidentally activated by accident or used inappropriately for other purposes.

Emergency SOS on an iPhone can be turned off through various methods, including accessing its settings or the control center, turning off cellular data or simply disabling its detection capability - although your phone will still detect emergency calls even without accessing its network connection to make the call.

To disable Emergency SOS on an iPhone, navigate to the settings app and choose General before searching for "Emergency SOS" and toggling its switch off. For additional safety measures, disable Call with Side Button and Auto Call options as well as Call with Side Button/Auto Call features if they could accidentally trigger Emergency SOS calling; additionally if you would like to turn off Automatic Crash Detection calling then also toggle that off.

3. Turn Off Airplane Mode

If your iPhone keeps switching into SOS mode without your knowledge, disabling it could help prevent accidental calls to emergency services and allow you to use its side button without fear of accidentally activating SOS mode. Furthermore, disabling the feature also gives you more freedom in using it for other functions without accidentally activating it.

If the SOS mode problem continues, try resetting your network carrier settings or rebooting your iPhone to see if that helps resolve the problem. This should provide relief.

Switching off airplane mode will reset your device, disabling SOS mode, and stop it from searching for signals.

Disabling the SOS feature is easy by going into the Settings app and switching off Call with Side Button and Call After Severe Crash, though doing so won't impede your ability to call for help in real emergencies. To do this, go into "General," tap on "Usage," select "Airplane Mode," and turn off its toggle switch.

4. Restart

iPhones may experience various errors and glitches that lead them into Emergency SOS mode, prompting users to use an emergency recovery solution like AnyFix - iOS System Recovery to repair them instantly without hassles or worries. This program offers instant solution for many problems encountered during everyday usage.

To use this tool, users must launch their Control Center by swiping from the top right corner of their screen. After this has happened, they must select "Emergency SOS" before disabling 'Call with side button' toggle switch and stop slider countdown sound and automatic crash detection calls from automatically happening.

Emergency SOS can be a helpful feature, but activating it repeatedly may become bothersome and annoying if used by yourself or children. Therefore, knowing how to turn this feature off if unnecessary activations occurs is paramount for keeping safety intact.