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July 27, 2022

How can you predict your Ovulation Days without Consulting a Doctor?

If you want to determine when you would be fertile then you are required to calculate your ovulation days. If you don’t know when your body will be fertile then you can face a lot of problems if you are planning on conceiving. Having intercourse right before your ovulation days can help you in getting pregnant, subsequently; avoiding sex in these days can reduce the chances of your conceiving if that’s what you want. In the past there were no ovulation predictor tips available and one had to book formal appointments with the gynaecologist but today you don’t have to worry about consulting the doctor anymore. This is because today you have chances of getting pregnant calculator tools that can help you predict your fertile days at home.

Going to the doctor for the sole purpose of finding ovulation days can be quite expensive and not all women can afford it. This is why in this post we have mentioned some of the best menstrual cycle calculator tips. These tips are tried and given after the recommendation by the experts and they will surely help you get an precise estimate of when your body would be ovulating.

Best Ways you can predict your Ovulation Days!

Below you can find the best tips which would help you confirm your fertility window.

Use Digital Ovulation Calculator Tools:

We are living in a world filled with modern technology so we should definitely put it to good use. You must know that today you can know when am I ovulating by using the online tools. The digital ovulation calculator tools are very easy to use and even a new user can learn how to utilize them like an expert. These calculator tools can be used online, you just need a browser and a strong web connection and you are good to go.

On the free ovulation calculator tools you are going to find two input boxes. In the first one you have to add the first date of your last menstrual cycle and in the second input box you have to select the average days of your period cycle. After providing the input information you need to hit the calculate button and wait for the results. In a matter of seconds you are going to get the fertility calendar. On the calendar the tool would highlight the days when it estimates your ovulation. The highlighted days are the most fertile days in which it is important for you to plan an intercourse if you want to conceive.

Monitor your Basal Body Temperature:

When the ovulation predictor tools tell you that you would be fertile you can easily confirm it by checking your BBT. When your body is ovulating your temperature would increase slightly. This minor increase can be one to two degrees. If you see that your body’s temperature is high in those days then it means that you are fertile. This is an easy way to confirm your fertility window. The temperature would go down once the window closes. You can compare changes in temperature with the window highlighted by the fertility calculator.

Use Ovulation Predictor kits at Home:

A very accurate and rather new method of calculating your ovulation days is by using the prediction kit which is easily available in medical stores. These prediction kits work in the same way as pregnancy test kits. You simply have to take the strip and dip it into a fresh cup of pee. Testing in the morning would give you the most accurate results. If the strip shows two dark lines then it means that your body’s luteinizing hormone is high and you are fertile. If you don’t see the lines then it means that you are not ovulating!

These are some of the best perfect ovulation calculator kits that you must practice if you don’t want to visit your doctor!


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