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October 13, 2023

Hisense 58 Class 4K UHD LED LCD Roku Smart TV 58r6e3 Review

The hisense 58 class 4k uhd led lcd roku smart tv hdr r6 series 58r6e3 is a fantastic budget friendly option for anyone looking to upgrade to 4K. It has a fantastic price and manages to check all the boxes most people look for in a new TV. While it may not be the best for gaming or have a massive array of inputs for every device out there, Hisense have once again hit a home run with this offering.

The picture quality is fantastic on this TV, coming up a little short in some areas where other options excel, but it does a good job of bringing out the details and brightness on most content. The colors did seem a little over saturated on some scenes, but this can easily be adjusted with the settings menu. The HDR was also a bit underwhelming on some content, but again this can be corrected with some tweaks to the settings.

As with last year’s offering, Hisense opted for the Roku OS on this TV and this makes it a snap to use with thousands of apps available on the platform. The OS is fast and simple to learn, and while it does not have the full feature set that other options come with, it still manages to impress.

The IPS panel on this Hisense TV is vertical alignment, and while this does not have the wide viewing angle found on a more expensive OLED or IPS LCD panel, it will provide a decent image for most viewers. The peak brightness capability of the display is a solid 1000 nits for most content and the ability to display high dynamic range (HDR) images is a nice touch.