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October 13, 2023

GTX 980 For Laptop

Nvidia's desktop-class GeForce GTX 980 is now coming to gaming laptops. Nvidia says that the GM204-based notebook version of the GTX 980 is 35 per cent faster than the current performance king, the GTX 980M. The company has a handful of laptops lined up to launch with the new chip starting in early October, including the MSI Dominator GT72 and the water-cooled Asus GX700.

It's a big deal because it brings uncompromised PC gaming to portable machines for the first time. The performance leap should also mean better support for Oculus Rift VR headsets, as well as a few more frames in games that are currently playable at Full HD resolution.

While Nvidia was a bit coy about exact details, the company did confirm that its GTX 980 for laptop will be overclockable. The desktop-class GPU's clock speeds should be able to go past 1400 MHz on core and 7.5 GHz on memory, though that depends on the thermal limitations of each system. As with the 980M, this desktop GTX for laptops will also be compatible with Nvidia's PhysX.

As an example of how fast the notebook GTX 980 can be, Nvidia says that it should be able to run the Witcher 3 and GTA V at 1920x1080 with ultra settings, at 60 FPS. It should also be able to handle smooth 4K virtual reality gaming and even surround. Nvidia says that its recommended requirements for VR gaming include a laptop with at least a GTX 980 and a display that supports at least 2 displays.