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May 16, 2023

Golo Lawsuit

golo lawsuit

The golo lawsuit is a class action filed against golo LLC, a manufacturer and seller of diet pills known as golo diet pills. The suit alleges deceptive statements regarding product effectiveness and marketing practices from golo as well as violations against state consumer protection laws by this company.

Bubak alleges that the company made several false and misleading claims regarding its golo supplement, such as that the pills are clinically proven to overcome insulin resistance - which the company states can prevent weight loss as well as contribute to various diseases. Furthermore, Bubak alleges that this natural solution was advertised as being helpful against arthritis and acne, with unclear instructions provided regarding use.

Defendants have asserted that the GOLO Review does not constitute false advertising as SilaLive does not directly compete with GOLO Diet; and therefore are not liable for damage to GOLO sales and business reputation caused by misrepresentations as they cannot establish that consumers searching for reviews about GOLO were in any way damaged by this information.

Defendants further contend that the GOLO Lawsuit falls outside of court's jurisdiction because there is no personal connection between themselves and Eastern District of Pennsylvania - they reside there instead - and this case.