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May 16, 2023

Ginny and Georgia - Will There Be a Season 3?

ginny and georgia season 3

Ginny and Georgia took two years to premiere its second season, but the wait was well worth it. The drama was more intense than ever, with an unexpected conclusion that may prompt Netflix to renew it for yet another round.

Storywise, Season Three could feature more drama from Georgia's arrest or explore other storylines such as Austin's father moving back home or Marcus being depressed.

Fisher, the show's creator, recently told Deadline that she believes there will be a third season if it makes sense and believes there will be one - she hopes "if there makes sense, there will be season 3!"

However, the writers' strike could exacerbate matters; should it continue, it may prevent Netflix from announcing a third season until after it ends.

If it gets renewed, its third season would likely debut sometime between 2023-2024. While anything can happen between now and then, we're keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes as planned; Netflix viewers seem to love this show and its potential success is evident; hopefully soon-after that, fans can discover what comes next!