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October 13, 2023

Games With Good Progression Keep Players Engaged and Excited to Play

When games have good progression, they keep players engaged and excited to play. This can be anything from leveling up to unlocking new gear, or completing quests that lead to satisfying rewards. Some games even create unique, innovative progression systems that make the gameplay feel more special and exciting.

A great example of this is Path of Exile, which initially seems like a standard Diablo clone. However, its passive skill tree and novel skill gem system set it apart and create a unique progression experience. This keeps players coming back for more and gives the game a much-needed sense of variety in comparison to its competition.

It’s important to note that a game with good progression doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy to play. Some gamers prefer to be challenged by the difficulty level of their video game, as this can give them a huge sense of accomplishment after overcoming it. A great example of this is the Souls series, which has an extremely challenging difficulty level that many gamers find rewarding.

Regardless of which type of progression system a video game uses, it’s essential that the player is able to see their progress. Whether this is done through a visual indicator such as a progress bar, an achievement list, or even by having their character stats displayed on-screen, the ability to see that they are improving at the game can be a big motivator for players to continue playing.