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October 12, 2023

Fuhu Nabi Big Tab 24 Review

Fuhu, the maker of the best-selling nabi tablet and the foremost innovator in technology for kids and their families, today announced the launch of the nabi big tab 24 (along with a 20-inch version). The category-defining line of massive Android tablets are designed to promote increased social interaction, communication and collaboration between family members of all ages.

The device's biggest feature is a removable frame that locks around it and doubles as a carry handle. It can also be adjusted for a variety of viewing angles, or used as a kickstand to make it more of a table-top experience for games like air hockey or hungry hippos-style sharks. The device also has a built in short-term battery that makes room-to-room portability easy, and a quad core Tegra 4 processor to keep up with the demands of a kids' tablet.

There's a selection of apps pre-loaded on the device, and there are extras in the cloud that allow you to expand the library further. There are lots of puzzles, a couple of two player games - off brand versions of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders are available - and even an art app that lets kids get creative, without getting messy.

The Big Tab also comes with Blue Morpho OS, which helps parents manage what their children are using the device for. There's a parental control app that allows parents to set time limits on screen time, and there are kid-friendly features like chore apps that help kids earn rewards for doing tasks.