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August 4, 2023

Five Tips to Succeeding in Your Bathroom Makeover


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Bathrooms are the one place in our homes where everyone can finally get a moment of privacy. That may not always be the case when young children are in the house, but generally speaking - a bathroom is a place for solitude. They are often the first-place homeowners head to in the morning to prepare, prim, and prep themselves for the day and the final place visited before retiring for the evening. Bathrooms are a part of the home structure for essential functions, but they also serve a higher purpose for relaxation, rejuvenation, and comfort.

When walking into a worn-out bathroom every morning, you may consider the nearest kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors. In California, it is challenging not to want more - the bigger, better, finer things. Dealing with water damage, outdated and dysfunctional bathroom spaces can be extremely frustrating. Remodeling and upgrading your home and bathroom are not only investing in your property; it's an investment in yourself and all household members!

  1. Plan & Design an Open Concept, Practical Space

Recreating any room part of your home is exciting and invites a new design to be awakened. This should complement the rest of your space and allow for more convenient and practical everyday living. Before diving into the fun stuff, proper planning is required to stay organized; design and blueprints are necessary for permits, etc. If you have no experience in completing home improvement projects - it can be challenging to know how to keep everything on track.

Utilize the tools in your community to give yourself the upper hand and create a solid foundation for all renovations. A local, licensed remodeling company in San Jose, CA, is the key to unlocking a successful transformation! Your team of experts can plan, organize, design, demo, construct and decorate your bathroom, and the results will always be reliable. Be open to shifting your perspective and letting go of preconceived ideas around space. Making things functional is the most essential part of any bathroom makeover.

  1. Think About the Future

When piecing together a bathroom remodel, you want a good crew of designers behind you. They can voice their knowledge and opinions to sculpt your new space better, and when creating this bathroom - it is important to consider the future. Perhaps changes in the family unit. Will you be growing or require new forms of accessing the room?

The questions are nearly endless, but when you have the backup of renovation and design specialists, you have nothing to fear! An experienced design team can assist you in considering future accommodation that may be required for yourself and your family so your bathroom is always accessible and comfortable!

  1. Small Details Aren't So Small in Design

Making over your bathroom is something to do for yourself, and when you put your time and energy into its creation, you must think outside the box. The bigger picture and the overall structure of your bathroom are essential, but calculating and setting up the more minor details is one of the most influential factors in the process.

Picking out flooring, tile, and a new vanity is the exciting part, and it will develop a cohesive theme and feel for your bathroom, but going bold with the smaller details can make a statement. Working closely with a bathroom remodeling expert is incredibly helpful when deciding and planning out these beauty pops. Placing a brightly colored towel over a sea of neutral and grey - or a mishmash or decor can bring your bathroom to life.

  1. Consider Long-Lasting Materials

Remodeling any part of your home is done to make upgrades, evolve a space that may be outdated, and breathe new life into something, making it especially yours as the homeowner. It is also essential to consider how this investment will last and impact on the home's future sale, should you ever need or choose to move. The lifespan, quality, and durability of the materials used during construction are just as crucial as aesthetic development.

Looking for materials, countertops, tiles, and flooring that can maintain strength amidst wet and moist conditions. Bathrooms are familiar with humid, steamy, and wet conditions; everything fixed should withstand that environment. You won't have to do your own research if you are working with professionals. Bathroom remodelers can guide you to options that will serve your aesthetic while remaining sustainable.

  1. Contact a Licensed Remodeling Contractor for Assistance

The easiest way to achieve your dream bathroom is by reaching out to those with knowledge and expertise. When left to our own devices, the situation can get a little sticky, and you can end up in over your head, and it can even become a very costly project. When you have the support and reassurance of remodeling professionals, they can manage the entire experience and guide you through the process. Bathroom remodeling is no easy task, and several things go into it aside from what we have mentioned.

Clever Design and Remodeling in San Jose, CA, services the Bay Area with superior kitchen, bathroom, and home remodeling services. The team at Clever is licensed, bonded, and insured - they are fully committed to providing elite renovation options, tailoring each project to the homeowner's vision, wants, and particular needs. Instead of walking into your home improvement project blind, secure some backup with local remodelers that you can count on to upgrade your home and bathroom just to your liking!


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