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August 14, 2023

Five Reasons Colorado Residents Can’t Stop Moving to California


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Just as quickly as new residents are heading into Denver, many Colorado natives and long-term residents are considering a journey elsewhere. Long-distance moving is not a situation any household takes lightly; you can't just pack up and head out on a whim. Cross-country relocations are a process; it takes the support of professionals, and your entire household must come together and work towards a common goal to reach your destination. Before you get there, you need to know where you are going and why.

Interstate movers in Denver, CO, have been assisting more and more Coloradans in relocating to California. Making an out-of-state move is a significant journey in everyone's lives, and when attempting to make a major transition, there are a million and one things before, during, and after the move. Professional moving companies are the biggest resource, and they exist to create a simple, stress-free, and streamlined moving experience for their clients. Before you begin your trek to the Golden State, there are a few things you will need to know.

The Weather and Community are Diverse

If there is one thing about Cali that is a stark contrast to Colorado - the weather is something current residents describe as heavenly, but it can be just as diverse and unique as the community that lives there. Northern and Southern California are like two different continents, they may be a part of the same state, but their weather patterns vary. The northern part of the state is known for its cooler, foggy, and sometimes rainy weather. This is closer to the Pacific Northwest, and there is access to the infamous trail from California!

Moving further south, the climate is much more sunny, warm, and dry. The summers are hot but generally dry, and the winters are incredibly mild, but they can be wet! This may be one of the biggest attractions to new residents because Cali is a melting pot of different cultures and communities. You can't go anywhere without seeing transplants, immigrants, and people from all around the globe. These people have developed what California is today and have contributed to creating a beautiful, diverse community basking in the good weather.

There is Always Something to Do

You will never get bored in California - while you can say the same about Colorado because you have the tremendous outdoor jungle gym, food, drinks, arts, and music - you are moving into a larger state with even more extensive options. San Fran and Los Angeles are known for their art and music scene. These are the places where some of the most enormous rock, hip-hop, metal, and pop artists have been born, discovered, and made famous. Because of this, there are millions of local musicians playing shows, local festivals, and major concert halls that you can visit for some serious entertainment.

You will find some of the most ethically sourced, delicious, organic produce in California, and on top of that - the food scene is all the rage. This could be because agriculture is a significant part of the economy, but you will find every kind of food in California. Many innovative, cutting-edge restaurants are creating unique and unforgettable dishes throughout the state - you may have an issue deciding what you will eat!

The Great Outdoors is Accessible Everywhere

If you are heading to California from Colorado, you may already develop your love for the mountains and the great outdoors. In CO, you can hike, bike, run, slide, ski, snowboard, etc. In Cali, you can do that all as well, but you also could head to the water for surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, boating, fishing, etc. You have access to a vast coastline of the Pacific Ocean! The beach is common in California, and most residents are used to heading out every weekend.

If you want a real adventure, you don't have to drive far because no matter which direction you are heading - you can access almost every terrain available on this great Earth. There are big mountains, lakes, beaches and bodies of water, hot springs, waterfalls, forests, deserts, volcanos, and marshes too! No matter which major city you are in, there is something epic to do nearby - you will never stop exploring because there is so much to access. This is another reason CO residents call cross-country moving companies to support their transport to the Golden State.

There is Plenty of Job Opportunities

Many people migrate to California for the opportunity; there are many career opportunities in almost every industry. Even if you are moving out there without a new job secured, you will likely find something almost immediately upon your arrival. Silicon Valley is known for its technology and lucrative positions with incredible benefits, but this is something you see in virtually every city across the great state.

Colorado residents are experiencing the opposite; while there is always an opportunity, the cost of living continues to rise, and people are being priced out of their homes and apartments. California is also known for its high cost of living, but in tandem, the career opportunities provide a livable wage!

Education is a Big Deal

California has some of the largest, most well-known universities in America! If you hope to continue your education, you can get a master's degree anywhere in Cali, and many people move for that reason. If you have school-aged children, their public school system varies according to the district and county, but the state continues to test high in its curriculum and fulfilling state requirements and standards. Education is taken seriously and highly respected if you want to explore a new career path that requires a bachelor's degree.

Moving from Colorado to California is an enormous task to complete by yourself, and reaching out to a local, licensed moving company in your neighborhood is the best way to get things done quickly and efficiently. Eden's Moving Services in Denver, CO, provides superior local, long-distance, and cross-country moving services to California or wherever you want! Eden's movers are committed to offering customers premium packing, storage solutions, and a customized moving experience. If you have been pondering a move to California, contact a mover in Colorado to get your free moving estimate and get the process rolling today.


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