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August 10, 2023

Five Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors for Your Denver Home


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Paint color trends will ebb and flow and continually change throughout time. Exterior home colors can be chosen from many different shades, palettes, and hues, and in the past year, a few options have made the pack popular. This doesn't mean that previous trends still won’t work for your home; there are plenty of factors to consider if you choose to spruce up the paint on the home front. Denver residents are used to keeping up with their neighbors and taking pride in your house's landscaping and general appearance is normal.

It is generally just considerate to ensure that your home is maintained, and the aesthetics also easily fit the neighborhood and larger community you are living in. When you are hoping to make a change, hopping on the internet to search for local house painters near me is an easy remedy as a professional painting contractor can help guide you through the process of choosing paint colors, testing those options, preparing, executing and relishing in the final product.

Blackened Grey

Saturation on the exterior of your home allows the landscaping and all surrounding areas of your property a deep contrast. Black surfaces have continued to reign supreme and are again chosen as a typical paint color for homes in Denver. Even traditional home architecture can pull it off, bringing the space a more modern look and feel. The tone of black has slightly changed in 2023, and instead of making things look like the night sky at midnight, things are pushing a little greyer.

A blackened grey adds a dark and a little bit of attitude to your home's exterior. Generally, this color will have some blue undertones, and it looks absolutely fabulous next to the sunny blue skies and when nightfall comes. Pairing this color with exposed wood and brick creates texture and allows some highlights around your property!

Deep Green

Greens have regained control of the trends, and while many have gone for sage tones in the previous years, a deep, dark green has become increasingly popular in Colorado! More and more painting contractors are seeing requests from clients with stunning homes wishing to switch to shades of green versus their current paint color or colors. Green can sometimes look black depending on the lighting, but this green should add depth and weight to your property.

This also carries some blue tones and seems a fan favorite across the Mile High City, perhaps because it looks great amongst the landscape or adds to the property's contemporary feel. Either way, a deep pine green will elevate your home's exterior and give you that extra luxurious and modern aesthetic you have been searching for. With dark colors, you must consult a professional before trying anything on your own, as they can help review which color options will best suit your property and provide their painting experience to complete the project quickly and efficiently!

Earthy Neutrals

You cannot really go wrong with any neutral color; they keep your home within an aesthetic that blends nicely within your community and brightens up the property area. Neutrals are all the rage in 2023 for interiors and exteriors alike! They can warm up your home, and with industrial accents and details, you will end up with a modern home that is also timeless! Exterior painting can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it is best not to overthink things. Painting the outside of your house is a significant undertaking; however, it is not something your local house painters can't handle!


Continuing on the train of neutrals, beige has returned with a vengeance! Beige was very popular in the early 2000s for paint, brick, and wood colors, and it has shown back up to reclaim its title. This sits right in the middle of the neutral palette and brings a ton of depth and even more warmth to your family's home! Most beige tones will have a nice mix of grey, neutrals, and green undertones, making the color incredibly versatile.

Beige offers an organic feeling and a timeless look to any Colorado home, plus it looks great with the greenery of your lawn and landscaping areas. If you hope to put something new on your home's exterior but don't want to go too bold, try beige with some grey and black accents - it never fails!

Navy Blue

Lastly, blues are climbing the charts in popularity and may be the perfect pick for your household. This is and always will be one of the most classic colors for any home exterior and makes for a significant upgrade if you have cream accents and red or brown brick. Navy blue pushes towards grey tones and contrasts nicely with an assortment of colors and can easily be paired with other tones and textured to bring your house alive. Painting or repainting your home is a significant project, and you must take tips from the experts, reliable painting contractors in your area before you begin the painting process.

Two Painters and A Brush offer premium and professional interior and exterior painting in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas. Two Painters is a locally owned and operated business that strives to provide its clients with the highest quality paint, application, and maintenance. Before you choose a color, consulting with the expert allows for an informed decision to suit your needs and provides your house with a new personality the whole neighborhood will love!


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