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July 7, 2023

Five Facts to Equip You When Making a Long-Distance Move from Colorado to California


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Most people approach moving at one point or another, but long-distance moves can be incredibly overwhelming, stress & anxiety-inducing. Leaving Denver behind to venture out somewhere new can seem like a big hill, but if you are moving to California, you can look forward to sandy beaches, the beautiful Redwoods, and fun under the sun! Moving doesn’t have to be a complicated fear that you project onto yourself and your household; it should be a time when you can indulge in your excitement and have the chance to start something new!

Colorado is a beautiful place, but it is mighty small compared to a state like California. Depending on where you are planning your move in California, seeking out long-distance movers near me is almost always the best decision. Professional movers provide clients with the luxury of relaxation and the time to enjoy their last few months in Denver! Before you head out on your adventures in the great Golden State, you may want to get acquainted with a thing or two.

There is a Little Bit of Something for Everyone

Lucky for you, and anyone who has ever been a resident of California, the land is vast, and the opportunities for fun and exploration abound even bigger! While most of the commercials and advertisements you have seen about visiting CA are meant for marketing, there is a whole lot of truth to the overarching message - there is something there for anyone and everyone. California is beautiful, and each area has its personality; you can find diverse communities and scenery from Northern to Southern. People from all walks of life and cultures make California what it is today, with many opportunities for evolution and continued growth.

High Cost of Living

Living in Denver, the cost of living is one the most significant things people complain about, and that certainly hasn’t changed and doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Unfortunately, if you are moving to California hoping to save on rent, you will see the opposite. California is one of the most expensive states you could live in, in all the country - second to Hawaii. Denver currently falls into the 34th slot, so you will see quite a difference in the cost of living and how you will have to budget your daily living expenses.

Job Opportunities are Everywhere!

Alongside the outrageous cost of living, there are also many job opportunities. California is the one state many look to as a means of solace when it comes to new opportunities, the chance to start over, to be discovered, or to work at something new. If you are changing careers, hoping to go to school and learn about a new job path, or just heading in that direction to get into the music, arts, or entertainment industry - California is the mecca for all of it.

There are endless networking opportunities, job options, and start-up companies for everything from tech to fashion and food delivery. They are a few steps ahead of everyone else’s pace; there is always something else you can do or someone else you can turn to for networking opportunities in a new field. If you are heading out hoping to find your dream job, you will find it - plus, the higher education options are also incredible!

The Weather is Killer - the Beaches Aren’t Bad Either

Colorado’s climate is a little finicky, but that can change depending on where you are located - the same goes for California, except you will see the same kind of snow as you typically would. There are certain areas in that state where you can find cooler temperatures, but overall, you are heading right into a very long summer. You aren’t going to see too much precipitation in the Spring and Summer months, and the warm weather can extend into December, depending on where you are located in CA.

The winters are mild compared to what you see in Colorado; many refer to the climate as “Mediterranean-esque.” If you are heading to the Northern parts of Cali, the beaches can be a bit cooler than what the Southern parts of the state are accustomed to. Still, throughout the state, there are stunning views of just about every landscape - from deserts and dunes to forests and oceans.

Moving to the Coast Requires a Moving Company with the Most

So much positive energy can come with a change of scenery, especially if heading further West to California. You are guaranteed a good time, breathtaking views, and many different things to do, no matter what interests you. It is not hard to figure out why Coloradans might be interested in transplanting themselves there, but the relocation process requires some footwork. If you are making a long-distance move to CA, you will want to research a reputable moving company for assistance.

Eden’s Moving Services has been moving customers to California, neighboring states, and just about anywhere across the country in hopes of helping ease the stressors of moving. Eden’s is a local, family-owned and operated moving company in Denver, CO, fully dedicated to getting you where you need to be so that you can worry about your new beginnings and the things in your life that truly matter. If you are stepping out of Colorado and heading to California, contact a moving professional to take you there because once you have arrived, the possibilities are endless!


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