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September 12, 2023

Explain Why a Seesaw is Closest in Arrangement to a First Class Lever

Explain why a seesaw is closest in arrangement to a first class lever

A seesaw is classified as a first class lever because it has the fulcrum in the middle and both the load (children) and effort (people pushing down on one end of the seesaw) are on either end. In second and third class levers, the fulcrum is at one end or both the load and the effort are on the same side of the fulcrum.

When using a first class lever, the distance from the fulcrum to the load determines how much effort is required to move the load. A first class lever can aid in work by changing the direction of force, or increasing its efficiency or mechanical advantage. Examples of a first class lever include the children’s seesaw and dumbbell triceps extensions.

Swiss Food

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