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August 16, 2022

Everything you need to know about study room interior

The study room is a place where you take a break from your surrounding and allow yourself to read, thought, and work in your own way.

Interior design of your study room can create a huge impact on your efficiency and keenness of work. The Interior of a study room should reflect a sense of creativity to let you think beyond books.

Interior colors and their effects:


Can you imagine this world without colors? Obviously not. Colors are essential for us. We all have our favorite color that attracts us.


Colors psychology is the most important part of the interior that makes a huge impact on our mood. The study room's interior should be calm and quiet. It does not include anything that irritates or draws you. Colors always have a considerable effect on the human mind. So, chose colors for your study room wisely.


Suggested Colors:


Use colors that help to increase productivity and reduce stress like Pastel Blue. Blue is also considered for the cooling effect.

Colors that give a soothing and calm effect are mostly recommended to use in your study room for example white, green, blue, lavender, brown, and orange. These colors can bring positivity to your spirit. Additionally, it is proven that the green color helps to relax your eyes and calm your mind.

Pastel and lighter shades:


It is recommended to go with pastel and lighter color shades. Using dark colors in the study room must be avoided because they may appear a little harsh while lighter shades will seem more refreshing.




The most ideal direction for the study room is the east-west direction. It is most likely to accelerate focus and performance. Windows should be in the north direction and keeping this in mind that we don’t want street view rather encouraging natural light and airy atmosphere.




Desk and chair:


The study table must be positioned close to the wall (leave a tiny gap in between). There must be no cabinets on that wall it may divert your attention. You can hang some frames or arts on the front wall for motivation.


Furthermore, your study table must be comfortable. The height of your study table must be somewhere between 26 to 30 inches.


A Study Chair has a most important role in the study room. No one wants to sit on an uncomfortable chair for so long. Having an uncomfortable chair may cause you some severe back pains and problems. So to invest in a comfortable chair is essential.


For good posture chairs with a high backrest and headrest are recommended that support your whole body and are comfortable.

An Organized bookshelf:


While Talking about the study room what comes first to your mind? Yes! A Bookshelf. Organizing all your books on a bookshelf makes it easier for you to find the right one when needed. It also enhances the look of your study room. Additionally, having a bookshelf will motivate you to read and buy more books. Many people prefer to give books as a gift so you can also keep them on your bookshelf it reminds you of their love.

Table Lamp:


A table lamp is vital for your study room. Our eyes need perfect light to focus on what we are reading. Table lamps are magic for your eyesight. It will relax your eyes by putting less strain


on them. Make sure that your table lamp is adjustable. Moreover, table lamps look wonderful and aesthetic on your study table.

All your Stationery at one place:


All students like different unique types of stationery. Organize all your stationary at one place so you don’t need to go and find your stationary at the time of need. Use the cabinets of your study table to put all excessive stationery. Put essential items on the top of your desk. Use sticky notes to write important points and a good highlighter to highlight important lines. Stationery is a weapon for the students. Make sure that all your weapons are always ready.

Achievement Shelf:


Having an achievement shelf in your study room that contains all your trophies and awards may play a major role in motivating you whenever you are feeling down. It influences you to break your previous records and achieve more. It’s a wonderful idea to make an achievement shelf in your study room.

A Good lighting:


Good lighting is an essential element for the study room interior. Ambient lighting is preferable for the study room. Use lights in a way that there will be fewer shadows in the room. Bright cooler white lights are best for the study room they produce a natural daylight effect which helps you to stay active and awake.



Plants for Positive Energy:


Being in a natural environment is good for you. Plants help in reducing stress and removing toxins. Using small plant pots on your study table and shelves is a good idea. Lucky bamboo, Peace Lily, Orchids, Snake Plant, Cordyline Terminalis, Golden Photos, and Asparagus Fern plants can be used in the study room to enhance productivity. You can also keep fresh flowers on your study table.




Major “Don’ts” about study room interior:



  • Avoid dark colors, especially for walls like black is a big No!


  • Don’t use more than three


  • Choose simple painted walls instead of wallpaper with patterns and


  • Avoid displaying photographs in the study


  • Avoid cramming your study room with too many Keep it minimal.


  • Don’t ever put your study table in front of the window it will lower your


  • Avoid mirrors in your study room if Otherwise, it must not be in front of your study table

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