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October 14, 2023

ESET Smart Security 4.0 Review

esset smart security 4.0 is easy to install and configure. It has a minimal impact on system performance and is relatively lightweight. It is also one of the few suites that still offers free telephone, chat and email support.

The program sits nicely in the Windows system tray, with non-intrusive messages popping up occasionally (such as the antivirus definition update report or a suspicious file that has been submitted to ESET's labs for analysis). The user interface is clean and simple to navigate.

Advanced users can increase heuristic scanning and other security settings to keep up with the latest malware variants. Besides the anti-malware engine, the suite includes a firewall and web protection, with features like DNS protection, IPSec tunneling, and an advanced password manager with autofill for common online forms. It can create Identities with your personal details to automatically fill in fields on websites, helping to prevent phishing scams and password theft. It can also spot particularly weak and reused passwords.

In our tests, esset smart security 4 had very few false positives and had a good ability to detect new threats. However, it was on the slow side in our test that measures how much impact a suite's malware scanner has on system performance, taking 6 minutes to scan 4.5GB of data -- about four times longer than the top performers. It was also slower in our on-access malware scan test, which indicates how well a suite can scan files as they're being used and saved to disk.