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October 13, 2023

Eero Pro 6 Vs Eero Pro 6E Specs

The eero pro 6 is a mesh router with a lot to offer, and its performance and range are more than enough for most users. Its tri-band setup, quad-core processor, large amount of RAM, and flash storage make it a great choice for residential or small business networking.

But the eero pro 6e is a more powerful device, taking advantage of Wi-Fi 6E advancements like an ultrawide 6GHz band and faster radios. It also supports MU-MIMO for better network efficiency and improved backhaul capabilities, and it can connect more devices than the non-pro models.

In our tests, the eero pro 6e outperformed the regular Eero in every way except for download and upload speeds. At close range, the eero pro 6e clocked up to 950 Mbps for both, but the values dropped to around 940 Mbps at 30-feet. The eero pro 6e also has a 2.5 Gbps Internet port, which can provide a significant boost to network performance for bandwidth-intensive activities like heavy gaming or streaming.

The eero pro 6e also offers a 160 MHz channel on the 5GHz band, which can instantly improve speeds for devices that support it. But since most consumer devices won't support the feature, it may not matter much for most users. Other notable features of the eero pro 6e include two Ethernet ports that can support up to 1Gbps speeds, a Gigabit WAN input port, and an ethernet power connection for use with Cat 5e or higher wired connections. It also supports WPA2 encryption and a parental controls system.