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October 14, 2023

Ecoflow Delta 1000 Review

If you live off grid or want to do so with a laptop, Starlink RV, Super73-ZX e-bike and all the gadgets that define modern living you'll need a powerful battery that can run all your devices at once for extended periods of time. That's where a portable power station like the ecoflow delta 1000 review comes in. It's got loads of AC outlets, fast USB power delivery ports and a long-lasting LiFePO4 battery that can be charged up from mains, car, solar panels and even by petrol if you buy a separate EcoFlow smart generator.

With its impressive 1800W inverter built in the Ecoflow Delta 2 has more power than most other power stations I've reviewed and can run even demanding items like a 2.1kW toaster. This is thanks to the inclusion of pure sine wave output that should be suitable for sensitive electronics and a graphical energy monitor. Plus the option of enabling X-Boost which allows the Delta 2 to temporarily power devices rated up to 2400W by lowering their voltage (although they will only work at this rate for around a minute before overload protection kicks in).

The Delta can be recharged from an ac wall outlet, from your car with the supplied car socket plug to XT60 cable or via solar with the optional Delta Solar Panels. It's also compatible with EcoFlow's smart generator which runs on petrol and can be controlled from the app or manually switched on if the Delta's battery is low and there's no other source of power available. This is a feature I haven't seen on other portable power stations and makes the Delta a great choice for emergency backup at home or on the road.