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October 13, 2023

EC Technology Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard ikea Review

When closed the EC Technology foldable bluetooth keyboard ikea is no bigger than a smartphone and sits flat on a desk with small rubber strips on its base keeping it from sliding around. The matte grey anodised aluminium gives it a premium look and feels sturdy. Unfolded it's a good size with a spacious and ergonomically laid out keyboard.

A row of number keys at the top act as hotkeys to launch apps and other functions on your phone or tablet. You can also use the function buttons to change the volume, search or mute and play or pause music. The keyboard's backlight is activated by pressing a button in the corner of the keyboard and there are two LEDs on the fascia that show Caps Lock, power, Bluetooth pairing and battery status.

There's no pass code needed for pairing - it happens automatically when the keyboard is opened which turns it on and connects to your device in an instant. The keys have a scissor-style connection and are quiet to type on with no noticeable lag. The Function keys work well with iOS shortcuts like changing the volume and pulling up Spotlight search.

The only real drawbacks to this folding bluetooth keyboard are that it doesn't come with a case that transforms into a stand for your tablet or smartphone and the hinges on which it folds stand proud of the keyboard when it lies flat which can get in the way of typing. Otherwise this is a great little portable bluetooth keyboard that's an absolute dead ringer for the Jorno.