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September 8, 2023

Easter Makeup Looks

Easter is fast approaching and while it might not be your go-to holiday for glam makeup looks (that honor is reserved for New Year's Eve), it still provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with various eye, lip, and cheek looks inspired by candy eggs and springtime blooms that add some much-needed color. Take some inspiration from Easter makeup looks this year when choosing one for this springtime celebration!

If you're searching for an effortless yet stylish Easter makeup look, look no further than this adorable bunny-inspired eye makeup look! Simply draw three different colored eyeliner lines above your crease; get creative by drawing ears or dots for added detail; finish it all off with neutral-toned lips and blush for a sweet finish!

Graphic liner can create an eye-catching Easter makeup look! Simply dip a liquid eyeliner brush in micellar water before dipping it in eyeshadow of your choice, letting the pigment dissolve slightly into the liquid liner before applying as you would normal eyeliner; once done, the end result will be stunningly colorful eye makeup! With numerous color, patterns and designs available this is an excellent Easter makeup idea suitable for beginners as well as pros alike!

Make an impressionful statement this Easter by going for an elegant yet seductive Easter makeup look with blue glam eyeshadow! Perfect for Easter brunch and dinner events. To achieve this look, apply blue eyeshadow on the lids, blend upwards as you apply, fill in lower lash line with same shade, then complete look by applying mascara - complete this look to complete it all!

Peachy smoky eye makeup can also make for a lovely look at an Easter brunch or dinner, perfect for all age groups and any time of day or evening. To achieve this look, begin by dusting on pink and yellow eyeshadow to your lids, before applying mascara with peach tint, peach-hued blush on cheekbones, and nude lip gloss to complete this celebration of spring!

Either you're dyeing eggs, attending an Easter egg hunt or just hanging out online with virtual or distant friends via Zoom, these festive Easter makeup looks will help make you look your best this holiday. Give one of them a try and tell us in the comments how it went below!

Have any of these Easter makeup looks been your go-to look? Which one do you prefer?

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This article was written by Sarah Cummings and published April 4th 2023 on Allure; however it has since been modified.

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