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May 16, 2023

Does VSCO Notify Screenshots?

does vsco notify screenshots

VSCO is an incredible photo editing and social media platform in one, which enables users to both upload their photographs and discover amazing photography. However, users may wonder whether there is any way for them to know if someone has screenshotted their post or album through VSCO; this article aims to address this question as well as discuss various privacy related concerns surrounding this photo sharing app.

VSCO users who take screenshots are unaware that any notifications have been sent if they capture any content in the app, such as user profiles, images and studio spaces without prior consent from themselves or another VSCO user. It also applies if other VSCO users view your profile or photos without notifying you directly.

However, if you screenshot one of a user's private messages or comments sections of VSCO app, they will be informed via their Notifications tab that "Someone Screenshotted You!". However, this does not apply to their main page of their VSCO account or profile page.

Instagram and Snapchat both notify their users if their post, story, or entire profile has been screenshotted due to more advanced security measures that detect when a screenshot has been taken - however this only holds true if the original user has not shared their image on other social media channels such as Reddit or Pinterest.