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May 16, 2023

Does Bumble Have Read Receipts?

Have you been wondering whether Bumble offers read receipts? Well, don't be discouraged: Bumble does not currently offer this feature as part of its standard or premium subscription services. While other dating apps such as Tinder may provide this functionality, Bumble decided not to for the purposes of protecting users' privacy and keeping conversations within its platform secure.

Bumble's decision to forgoing read receipts offers both advantages and drawbacks to its users. First off, being unaware that someone read your message makes it easier to avoid accidentally opening messages that you don't plan on replying to just yet. Plus if you open their message unread they won't know whether you read it, helping maintain respect for their time by not knowing you have opened their message in advance.

Bumble offers many features to assist users with their conversations, such as its chat feature which displays a three dot indicator when typing; similar to what iPhone users see when texting via iMessage. The dot will remain for several seconds after starting typing before disappearing once your reply has been typed in response to another person.

Once a message has been delivered to its target user, its sender can view a delivery status. While this doesn't indicate whether they have opened or read it yet, this feature allows senders to see that it has reached its recipient device and they have access to it. While this feature can be useful, some may find it intrusive that other users know which messages have been read on the app.