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October 13, 2023

Do I Need Raptr on My Computer?

The Raptr gaming app is no longer available as of July 2017. Sadly, it was only one year after AMD dropped official support for the program. It was a software tool that ran in the background of Radeon GPU-based computers to improve game performance and features like video recording and social integration.

Dennis Fong created the Raptr social network out of frustration that there weren’t enough places specifically for gamers to gather online. He wanted to create a place that let users use a handle instead of their name and emphasize gaming skills over baby pictures. Now, the site links up all your gamer friends in a single spot and stockpiles a ton of data about their gaming, ranks them against each other, and more. Plus, with a PC desktop app, you can now show off your gaming prowess with video streaming on Twitch.

If you’re still wondering, do i need raptr on my computer? The answer is no, not for most users. However, if you’re running a PC built for gaming, it’s worth the download to keep track of your games and achievements as well as improve performance.

To uninstall the software, click the Windows Start button and select “Programs.” Locate the AMD Gaming Evolved app in the list of programs, and then right-click on it to uninstall. After you’re done, check the Registry for remnants of the software by entering “Regedit,” and then looking for a folder with the name Raptr under C:Program Files or in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >Software.