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January 25, 2023

Different Skunks Can and Cannot Climb Fences and Walls

do skunks climb

Skunks can climb fences and walls, but there are different species of skunks that can or cannot do it. It is a survival skill that skunks use to gain access to food. They can also use their climbing skills to get out of danger.

Spotted skunks are excellent climbers. This type of skunk has small bodies with long nails, and they can easily climb up and down fences. They can also climb trees and tables.

Striped skunks are not very good climbers. They have short legs, but their claws are not strong enough to support their weight. A striped skunk can not climb tall trees.

Larger skunks can only climb low-lying branches. If a skunk wants to get to a high-rise building, it will not be able to do so without help.

To get inside a home or property, a skunk will climb over a fence. If they are unable to climb the fence, they may jump to the top of the roof to get in. Alternatively, they can dig a three-foot hole to get inside.

Although skunks can climb trees and fences, they do not normally nest in them. Their burrows are made of dried leaves. In the spring and summer, skunks stay in their burrows. However, in the winter, they go in packs.

Skunks can be seen in the United States in seven species. These include spotted skunks, hooded skunks, hog-nosed skunks, and Eastern skunks. The skunks in the East are smaller and lighter than the ones in the West.