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October 13, 2023

Dell P2723QE Review - Dell P2723QE Vs BenQ U2723QE

Dell's P2723QE is a productivity monitor with an eye for affordability. It does not try to stand out in any particular way, but it offers a solid 4K display, plenty of connectivity options, and consistent performance.

The P2723QE is an IPS monitor with an edge-lit backlight. The panel has a maximum brightness of 314 nits, which is fairly typical for a productivity monitor. It also has a good contrast ratio of 1140:1, which is better than most alternatives such as the less expensive Asus ProArt PA279CV and BenQ U2700. It cannot display HDR content, however, which may be disappointing for some buyers.

The P2723QE has a 60Hz refresh rate and does not support Adaptive Sync, which is something to keep in mind if you plan to play games on it. Its high resolution and decent contrast allow it to show off detail well in games that benefit from this, but the lack of a higher refresh rate limits its gaming versatility. The P2723QE has plenty of connectivity options, including one USB-C port that supports up to 90 watts of power delivery in DisplayPort Alternate Mode. It has a massive USB hub that can act as a KVM switch, and it supports picture-in-picture and daisy-chaining. It also has HDMI and DisplayPort ports for connecting wired devices, including a DisplayPort output that can enable the rare feature of DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport. This feature allows for daisy-chaining of multiple monitors with the same cable, a useful feature for work environments.