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October 12, 2023

Dell Optiplex 9010 Review

The dell optiplex 9010 is a solid, business-oriented PC that's surprisingly accessible for a small form factor desktop. It doesn't perform with the unbridled power of some of its competitors, but it's well-suited for work in a variety of environments and is easy to expand.

Powered by a 3rd generation Intel(r) Core(tm) processor, this refurbished Dell desktop is ready to work from the get-go. It's also built to maximize productivity with desktop virtualization and outstanding IT control.

Its compact design allows it to fit easily in any workspace, and its logical mix of modern and legacy ports makes it an extremely adaptable machine. There are 10 USB ports, four on the front and six on the back, including two USB 3.0 sets; and a wide range of video inputs, outputs and peripheral connectors. It even has a single serial port to accommodate the still-large fleet of hand scanners that many businesses use.

Its TN panel delivers decent brightness and viewing angles, but it's far from as sharp and crisp as other monitors we've tested. The design is understated and businesslike, with a solid stand that's sturdy enough to hold the screen at any angle. Its security features include Dell Data Protection software and a Trusted Platform Module, while its physical lock slot and desk mount help to secure the unit against theft. The OptiPlex also supports a wide range of biometric authentication peripherals and has options for remote BIOS management.