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September 7, 2023

David Taylor Goes Missing in South Carolina

david taylor missing

Follow South Carolina sheriff's officers as they urgently search for individuals who have gone missing under mysterious circumstances. One such individual, David Taylor, had just won a large lottery prize but went missing on his way to Columbia to collect it when his last known sighting or contact was after having won it. He had called (or perhaps pocket dialed) his wife Cathy shortly before 3 pm but all she heard was what sounded like papers rustling before the connection dropped - and he did not answer when Cathy dialed back worriedly to reach him. Later, his truck was found parked on a grass patch alongside the interstate but neither he nor his cell phone could be located. Eyewitnesses reported seeing someone running across six lanes of traffic near where his truck had been discovered but that person has yet to be identified.

The team eventually located David leaning against a tree without clothing near where his truck had been left abandoned. He was cold and dehydrated but showed no sign of blunt-force trauma; postmortem results confirmed hypothermia as the cause of his death; toxicology reports confirmed methamphetamine use within his system; this information was shared with Cathy by investigator Vicki Rains who initially found it shocking as it did not sound like something David would do.

As the investigation continued, it became apparent that David had taken meth prior to going missing and likely experienced a psychotic episode due to its effects. Hallucinations was evident and he felt someone was following him; this caused him to cross highways quickly without checking where they were heading; in the woods his delusional state prevented him from escaping, ultimately leading him into hypothermia two days later and resulting in his death from hypothermia.

His family was devastated when this discovery came out, yet he left behind an enormous inheritance which now belongs to Jessica. Cathy initially had no inkling her husband was using drugs; according to her testimony he always wanted to help others rather than see them harm themselves. Turns out he had an addiction to meth and heroin, which may have played a part in his disappearance. In fact, he even used heroin as a way to manage pain from an injury sustained years earlier. Cathy was taken aback to discover her husband was addicted to hard drugs, particularly after watching their effect on their three children. It was difficult for Cathy to accept this news; in the end though, his family were able to bring closure by having his funeral at Sun City Hilton Head. He will surely be missed by many.