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October 13, 2023

Cyber Monday 2016 Chromebook Deals

Whether you need to work from home, play VR games, or just get things done without a bunch of bloat getting in your way, a new chromebook is a solid choice. Chromebooks run Google’s nifty cloud-based operating system, which has a lot of benefits that other platforms can’t match. They’re secure (so long as you have your Chromebook’s security updates active) and free of the bloat that plagues desktop computers.

There are a couple of major caveats to keep in mind, though. The first is that most kinds of malware are designed to attack Windows and Macs, not Chrome OS devices, so you’ll want to be vigilant about installing software on your Chromebook. Additionally, if you sync your Chromebook with other devices using the same Google account, that malware could spread to those other machines, too.

A second caveat: If you’re planning to use Android apps on your Chromebook, you should know that those aren’t designed for touch interfaces. It’s a shame, because bringing Android apps to the platform would help fill some of Chromebook’s big holes, like picture / video editing and offline working.

Still, there are some pretty good deals to be found right now. Best Buy, for example, is offering the Acer Chromebook Spin 714 at an all-time low price of $370, which is a terrific price for a premium 14-inch convertible that folds back into tablet mode and includes a stylus. It’s also one of the most powerful Chromebooks on the market, with a 12th generation Intel Core i5 processor and plenty of RAM and storage.