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October 13, 2023

Creative Labs f200 Review

The f200 is a digital camera that lets you shoot as many clips as your memory card and batteries can handle. It also offers unlimited video coupled with sound and a focal length that can be adjusted during shooting.

The card is built on an Intel PXA288 based on the Ensoniq AK102 chipset and includes Wavetable MIDI, DirectSound 3D surround, A3D emulation and DoS legacy support via a special terminate-and-stay-resident program. The card also supports PCM and CD audio formats.

Creative has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what's possible on a PC, especially when it comes to its audio cards. The original Sound Blaster AWE64 was one such offering, providing wavetable MIDI, 4-speaker DirectSound 3D surround sound and even A3D emulation.

This latest model has a new internal Audigy 2 DSP, the CA0102, that runs at a fixed 48kHz sample rate, which is slightly lower than the sample rate used by the Emu 10k2 chip in the first Audigy Platinum EX. This might seem like a minor detail, but it is important for musicians because it means that the audio data cannot be converted to a higher or lower sample rate in real time, which would result in loss of bit-for-bit accuracy.

Nevertheless, the sound quality is still very good. I listened to Spoon's Hot Thoughts and the bass slam in this song really came through, unlike on a system without a separate subwoofer. The competing Vizio, however, was able to do much better with this test track, and its surround effects were very convincing.