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October 12, 2023

Craigslist Xbox 360 Games - One Man's Treasured Collectible

Whether you're looking to buy a car, a bike or a new video game system, the classic online forum of craigslist is probably where you start your search. But you shouldn't be afraid to look at a number of other options, especially if you're in the market for something more obscure or unique.

One man's craigslist xbox 360 games is another person's treasured collectible. After two eBay auctions to sell his rare Xbox Live gamertag "Hitman" were canceled for violating terms of service, New York man Chris Graziano decided to move his business to the less-regulated Craigslist.

He has already flipped 13 Sony PlayStation 4 units since the console's release, and he says he has plenty of interest in his modded versions with special firmware that allows them to play the new Xbox One. That's a significant upgrade over the older Xbox 360s, which had limited HDMI outputs and required the use of a separate component or composite cable to connect to televisions.

As he makes his rounds, Graziano admits that some people are skeptical of buying his modded Xboxes, but he insists he's not trying to scam anyone. He adds that he's not interested in selling just the consoles, but is instead offering them with a "bunch of extras," like a few hundred dollars worth of games, controllers and a special revision of the firmware. He says he's also considering the possibility of selling them in an actual store.