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October 14, 2023

Corsair MM1000 Qi Mouse Pad Review

Corsair is getting into the wireless charging mouse pad game with its MM1000 Qi-enabled model. It features a micro-textured hard surface that can charge a wide range of Qi-compatible devices. The mouse pad also offers an optional circular zone that can trickle-charge a device while it's in use. This is similar to the way Logitech's Powerplay system works, though that doesn't require a special mousepad.

The MM1000 is fairly minimalist, with only the Corsair logo and a green indicator in the top left corner showing when the pad is recharging. It's definitely the most restrained mouse pad design Corsair has ever come out with, a big change from the flashy K95 RGB Platinum keyboard we recently reviewed.

A USB port in the bottom of the mouse pad can be used for plugging in a wireless receiver or a USB-C or Lightning-based cable to charge a mobile device. The pad itself is quite large at 350mm x 260mm and has a non-slip base.

On the underside, there is a PixArt PWM3367 optical sensor that can drive sensitivities up to 16,000 DPI and is customizable in one-DPI increments. It can be used with other Corsair mice that feature a compatible sensor.

I tried the MM1000 with the Dark Core RGB Pro SE mouse and it worked great in-game, with the smooth surface making for easy gliding action. It would be nice to see Corsair make a soft version of the MM1000 for gamers who aren't a fan of the hard-surface approach, though.